Bingley - 6.5 tonne horsebox

Bingley 212 03 375x281 Our mid range "Bingley" offers a vehicle that is the next step up from our "Lizzy" range and is typically built on a Renault or Ford chassis. The "Bingley offers a comfortable two horse capacity and comes with both side loading and or rear loading ramps. Each of the ramps is sprung loaded and adjusted for ease of use for even the smallest adult of the family and is fitted with durable carpet and ramp runners and completed with a smart aluminium edge finish. This range also includes our unique 3 layer grano floor offering the ultimate in durability and protection and strength.

We also offer a living area with our "Bingley" range and we can supply a fully fitted base unit that includes a sink/drainer and hob. The seating unit can be customised to your own design and we can even include a table.

Prices start from:  £19,000

Box Style: (Illustrated below)

Build prices from: £19,000 + cost of vehicle
(please note cost of vehicle may vary depending on availability, age & condition)


Bingley-211-01 375x281

Bingley-212-03 375x281

Bingley-213-01 375x281

Bingley-214-02 375x281

Bingley-215-01 375x281

Bingley-216-01 375x281


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