Any make, model or year 3.5, 6.5, 7.5 tonne

If you can't find exactly what you are looking for then why don't you ask us to build one for you? You may think it might be expensive but it is not as much as you may think. You decide on the weight whether it be a 3.5 tonne, 6.5 tonne or 7.5 tonne horsebox. You choose the Make, Model & year, the colour, the interior in fact you can choose whatever you like.

Coach Built Conversions

Lizzy 112-04 375x281
Bingley-212-03 375x281
Darcy 012-04 375x281

Our coach built conversions are made to meet your requirements, and can include living areas designed around you. We can source everything for you including the vehicle to match your specification. Our builds are full of great features such as our unique three-layer floor system, easy-lift ramps and lots of storage space for all of your tack and paraphernalia that goes along with you to every event.

We can build any size of horsebox you desire in 3.5 tonne, 6.5 tonne & 7.5 tonne to carry up to three horses, and cap it off with a paint finish to meet anything you desire.

darcy blue

Darcy 7.5 tonne horsebox with 3 horse capacity in blue

darcy green

Darcy 7.5 tonnehorsebox with 3 horse capacity in green/blue

lizzy grey

Lizzy 3.5 tonne horsebox with 2 horse capacity in grey

bingley white

Bingley 6.5 tonne horsebox with 2 horse capacity in white

table seating

Horsebox interior seating area with table which can convert to a bed

bed table

available with Bingley 6.5 tonne and Darcy 7.5 tonne ranges

sink unit

Horsebox interior including sink worktop unit for Darcy & Bingley range


Horsebox interior including toilet for Darcy & Bingley range

tac locker

all of our horseboxes include plenty of storage space



Please do not hesitate

call us now on 01280-847800 or 07879-252335

to discuss your new custom built horse box

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