Darcy - 7.5 tonne horsebox

Darcy 012 04 375x281 Our top of the range "Darcy" 7.5 tonne horsebox offers the ultimate in capacity, comfort and style. In addition to a full three horse capacity the "Darcy" includes spacious living area complete with full facilities. Each living area can be built to include a sink and base unit, hob, oven, fridge and overhead storage. In addition we can also fit a shower and/or a toilet, a fitted table and a sleeping area above the cab.

The horse section on our "Darcy" range provides capacity for three horses (facing sideways) and is fitted with our unique 3 layer Grano floor. Partitions can be complete solid in white stucco or wood grain, and the side panels aluminium or white with additional "kick" protection panels. The rear loading ramp is under-sprung and can be adjusted to meet the strength and capabilities of the smallest adult in the family, and is fitted with durable carpet and ramp runners and completed with a smart aluminium edge finish.

The "Darcy" is typically built on a Ford, DAF, or Mercedes chassis and comes complete with a tilt cab that still provides integral access to the living area. We also provide external access for any gas bottles and the paintwork can be customised to meet any of your individual design requirements.

Prices start from:  £25,000

Box Style: (Illustrated below)

Build prices from: £25,000 + cost of vehicle
(please note cost of vehicle may vary depending on availability, age & condition)


Darcy 011-03 375x281

Darcy 012-04 375x281

Darcy 013-02 375x281

Darcy 014-04 375x281

Darcy 015-02 375x281

Darcy 016-01 375x281


To view an example of our Darcy 1 build, please click here. We also have an example of a Darcy II build - please click here


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