Ramp Repair

IMG 0196-375We would like to show you some of the joys that we encounter with regard to broken ramps, and hope these photos show the extent to which we go to to put a damaged ramp back together.

This is a typical example of age related water damage and the effects this has on the internal steel work. It also illustrates the old type of framing methods used from years past.

This group of photographs shows the damaged caused to the ramp through rust and corrosion which has weakened the support structure of the ramp. It also shows the extent of the work needed in regards to the back end of the body being rebuilt to support the new ramp.

IMG 0196-375

IMG 0197-375

IMG 0198-375

IMG 0199-375

IMG 0200 375

IMG 0201 375

This shows the original ramp return that was attached to the horse box, and by taking this off and changing the type of return it allows for a wider ramp. Additionally, when the top return is reduced this gives a longer ramp which is not as steep as the original.

IMG 0202-375

IMG 0203-375

IMG 0204-375

IMG 0205-375

Finally we add new aluminium cladding that is attached to the outside of our new steel work and we set up the new under springs with the fittings that we insist upon to ensure easy and smooth ramp operation.


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