7.5 tonne rebuild

IMG 0416This vehicle came to us with the following problems- Both sides, over time, had accepted water into the sides (GRP), the ramp had bowed and broken and the luton front had been damaged.

The following pictures show how we totally stripped both sides of the vehicle. This process means, as you can appreciate, everything from the living to the horse section (front to back!) as shown in a photo accompanied by the owners of the horsebox (who have kindly allowed us to share these pictures of their highly ventilated work in progress).

IMG 0326

IMG 0327

IMG 0328

IMG 0330

IMG 0332

IMG 0336

IMG 0326

IMG 0338

IMG 0339

IMG 0340

IMG 0341

IMG 0342

IMG 0343

IMG 0344

IMG 0345

IMG 0346

IMG 0347

IMG 0348

IMG 0349

IMG 0350

IMG 0351

IMG 0352

IMG 0365

IMG 0366


The front, fiberglass, dome luton had to be removed and repaired before being put back onto the lorry.

IMG 0367

IMG 0368

IMG 0369

IMG 0370

IMG 0373

IMG 0374

GRP Panels

Our first two photos show the new GRP sides before being lifted and slotted into the sides of the horsebox, and following on the panels in place on the side of the vehicle.

IMG 0371

IMG 0372

IMG 0375

IMG 0376

IMG 0377

IMG 0378

Preparation for respray

These photos show the cab, chassis and box being prepared for respray and resprayed in white (customer's choice), all the windows, doors etc. being put back in.

IMG 0390

IMG 0391

IMG 0392

IMG 0393

IMG 0395



Ramp Repair

The ramp was bowed and broken. Our first photo shows the ramp once we have completed the repair, while the remaining four photos show the damage to the ramp when it arrived with us before we started our work to restore it to top class condition.

IMG 0418

IMG 0361

IMG 0362

IMG 0363

IMG 0364



The finished article

Following our extensive repair work and respray the box is looking refreshed and new.

IMG 0408

IMG 0409

IMG 0410

IMG 0412

IMG 0413

IMG 0414

IMG 0415

IMG 0416

IMG 0417

IMG 0419

IMG 0420

IMG 0421

IMG 0411

IMG 0423







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