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Horsebox External Features

horsebox external features and decals

We recognise that looks are important too, and we can provide a top quality finish to the outside of your horse box in any colour of your choice from our range. We also understand that every individual will have their own unique preferences so we will tailor the finish to meet those requirements every time.

We specialise in providing tilt cabs for our larger vehicles - this simplifies the engine maintenance (just ask any mechanic) and may help to make it less costly too.

horsebox with spring loaded ramps and external storage

As well as spring loaded ramps and external access to a multitude of compartments, we understand just how important it is to get the right look and design for our customers.

van style horsebox

We can meet almost any design specification you care to choose, whatever colour or style suits you.

horsebox with side loading spring loaded ramp

Our designs can be as unique as you wish - as unique as you.

a stylish horsebox designed the way you want it

Your style, your choice - your way.

horsebox with external tack storage locker

From a complete TACK locker with swinging panel sadle mounts.

horsebox with independent power generator

To your very own electric power supply.

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