Horsebox Refurbishment

DSC08150 2 175The following photographs are just an example of some of the types of refurb jobs that we get in. These images show the extent of the water damage in a typical GRP sided horsebox.

The vehicle in question was a Leyland DAF, typical GRP box, with normal roof construction. (i.e. Fibre glass) Aluminium shaped top rails, non tilt domed luton with normal aluminium windows. Fully skirted to include tack lockers, water tanks etc.

The vehicle came to us regarding a water leak showing staining on the internal wall carpets and bubbling of the floor covering. Upon investigation, we realised that the leak had started from where the luton joins the body of the vehicle.

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IMG 0184 375The key to a good finish lies in the preparation.

We would like to show you what is involved in the work to respray a typical flat aluminium sided horse box. What you don't normally see is the time and effort that is required to give a good starting point for the finished product.

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7.5 tonne rebuild

IMG 0416This vehicle came to us with the following problems- Both sides, over time, had accepted water into the sides (GRP), the ramp had bowed and broken and the luton front had been damaged.

The following pictures show how we totally stripped both sides of the vehicle. This process means, as you can appreciate, everything from the living to the horse section (front to back!) as shown in a photo accompanied by the owners of the horsebox (who have kindly allowed us to share these pictures of their highly ventilated work in progress).

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Ramp Repair

IMG 0196-375We would like to show you some of the joys that we encounter with regard to broken ramps, and hope these photos show the extent to which we go to to put a damaged ramp back together.

This is a typical example of age related water damage and the effects this has on the internal steel work. It also illustrates the old type of framing methods used from years past.

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Wooden Oakley

IMG 0359-375aWe would like to show you a horse box that we have been looking after for 14 years. The box itself is constructed of oak and mahogany, and the original when built was on a Bedford TK. We moved the box onto a Ford around 8 years ago.

Since then the box has come back to us at regular intervals to totally rub down by hand, and re-varnish again by hand (we don’t believe in spraying varnish because it will peel off).

All the white decal lines are painted by hand, (painstakingly) but enjoyable, this is then over-varnished to give a slightly gold appearance on the lines. Let the varnish do its job.

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